Alderman Moreno is working with community groups and coalitions to help us win the democratically elected school board we deserve. Contact us if you would like Alderman Moreno to speak with you or your group about this issue that is so critical to our Chicago children’s future.

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The 1st Ward offers exceptional academic opportunities throughout our neighborhood public schools. Whether it is gifted programs or after-school programs, all of the public elementary schools and high schools work to enrich their curriculums in order to deliver high-quality education to our children. Alderman Moreno, working alongside Chicago Public Schools (CPS), has assisted with the allocation of more resources and programs to all of our schools and is committed to further expansion of educational programs for all students.

In the City of Chicago, public schools employ different strategies to accommodate the needs of all students. Schools are generally classified by type and offer a range of specialties or concentrations. The majority of schools are defined by boundary area. Neighborhood schools accept kids within a neighborhood boundary area, compared with magnet or cluster magnet schools which have a broader geographic boundary and finally charter schools which typically do not have a specified boundary area.

Schools can have fine and performing arts concentrations, math and science academies, reading and writing programs, and language immersion schools. Our office, as well as CPS, offers school fairs periodically throughout the year to learn more about programs offered at our local schools. These school fairs offer a unique opportunity to speak with parents and administrators and schedule a time to take a tour of a particular school.

Elementary Schools:

Chase Elementary
2021 N. Point – (773) 534-4185 – website

De Diego Community Academy
1313 N. Claremont – (773) 534-4451 – website

Goethe Elementary
2236 N. Rockwell – (773) 534-4135 – website

LaSalle II Magnet School
1148 N. Honore – (773) 534-0490 – website

Moos Elementary
1711 N. California – (773) 534-4340 – website

Pritzker Elementary
2009 W. Schiller – (773) 534-4415 –

Rowe Elementary
1400 W. Superior – (773) 278-7471 – website

Sabin Magnet Elementary 
2216 W. Hirsch – (773) 534-4491 – website

Talcott Elementary
1840 W. Ohio – (773) 534-7130 – website

Yates Elementary
1839 N. Richmond – (773) 534-4550 – website

High Schools:

Roberto Clemente Community Academy
1147 N. Western – (773) 534-4000 – website

Ogden International School of Chicago
1250 W. Erie – (773) 534-8110 – website

Wells Community Academy High School
936 N. Ashland – (773) 534-7010 – website