Safety should be any Alderman’s top responsibility. Even though our community has come a long way over the last decade, we still have issues in certain areas. Alderman Moreno will continue to work with the commanders of the police districts in the 1st ward to address problems. As always, prevention is the most important step for our office to address local safety. To that end, Alderman Moreno goes on monthly late night ride-a-longs with each commander to help point out problem area before they become a problem.

Alderman Moreno dedicates a staff member to work with the police department on crime prevention and reduction. He has developed successful relationships, by identifying problem buildings, and acted as a mediator between the police and community members in multiple cases.

The police that serve in our community deserve a lot of gratitude for their professionalism and skill. We are fortunate to have some of the most dedicated and talented police in the entire city.

When incidents happen, our staff dedicate the full power of my office to eliminating future problems. A critical component of combating crime is through active civic participation and partnerships with the Chicago Police Department. Working together, our community will continue to be effective in keeping our neighborhoods safe.

As of this summer, the Area North Bike Unit is now being housed in the 14th District.  The 30-man  unit has become a vital part of patrolling the City’s streets. Not only are they able to maneuver through traffic easier and approach silently, but the unit also has more positive interactions with residents, forming strong bonds with the community.


Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS) is a partnership between the police and community members to participate in community policing efforts in the area. A major tool in encouraging dialogue between all community stakeholders is attending your local CAPS meetings. Alderman Moreno or a member of his staff attends every CAPS meeting.  CAPS is an internationally renowned program that encourages police and residents to engage in neighborhood problem-solving to reduce crime. A neighborhood area is grouped to form a CAPS Beat. Beat meetings offer the opportunity for residents to meet their local police officers and for the officers to address concerns directly with community members. Beat meetings are typically held  bi-monthly and generally last one hour.


In combination with police presence on the ground, the 1st Ward is incorporating sophisticated crime fighting technology to enhance our ability to keep neighborhoods safe and secure with the installation of a state-of-the-art police cameras in certain regions of the ward.

Police cameras employ a pro-active and comprehensive effort to stop crime in our neighborhood and deliver quicker response times. The camera is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and links directly to the Chicago Police Department Command Center. This camera technology can quickly deploy police units, as information is transmitted via laptops to mobile police units. Police cameras installed in other areas throughout the city have a proven track record of reducing and preventing crime.

More information about the three police districts in the 1st Ward can be found below.
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