Alderman Moreno is committed to environmental preservation and expanding programs that make a difference locally in our community. Our office takes a comprehensive approach to environmental issues and actively seeks ways to minimize our environmental footprint.


High performance or Green building practices are a crucial element in the effort to reduce our environmental impact. Therefore, Alderman Moreno has expanded his commitment to promoting more sustainable and environmentally-friendly building practices in our community.

Building Green in the First Ward requires that all new residential and commercial developments, which require a zoning change, utilize eco-friendly building practices through participation in the Chicago Green Homes Program.

Under the leadership of Alderman Moreno, the 1st Ward is the one of the most environmentally-friendly, wards in the city of Chicago. It is the Aldermanbs hope that the Building Green in the First Ward program can become a positive example to other parts of the city and beyond. The Program will provide real benefits to developers, home-buyers and to the environment.

The Green Exchange

The first business community of its kind committed to environmental sustainability, profits, and social impact. The Green Exchange is located at the old Cooper Lamp Factory, 2524 W. Diversey, and the building itself will be re-used and renovated to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified standards. Read more about the Green Exchange here.

Green Infrastructure

The 1st Ward partners with several city departments to encourage green construction and buildings in the area.

Reducing and reusing waste is a critical component of reducing our impact on the environment. The entire 1st Ward was part of the Blue Cart sort separated pilot project program that is now being expanded to the entire city. Recyclables should be cleaned and placed directly into blue carts and will be picked up every two weeks. Learn more about the Blue Carts recycling program here.
Green Alleys

In an effort to promote groundwater retention and lessen runoff into our streets and sewers, the 1st Ward implemented a pilot permeable or green alley. Constructed with a system of durable, but porous surface material overlying a crushed stone base, a permeable alley acts to store rainwater before it filtrates into the ground below.
The design allows rainwater to percolate slowly through the pavement, not rush quickly over concrete and increase the amount of stormwater runoff we produce. The effect is the reduction in alley flooding and pollutants that enter our waterways.


Working with local schools in the neighborhood, the 1st Ward office and resident activists partner with local teachers and students to discuss issues of sustainability. The programs concentrate on everyday activities we can do such as recycling, reducing our energy consumption, and utilizing alternative forms of transportation to make a lasting effect sustainable behavior.

Refuse Rebate

The City of Chicago is responsible for garbage removal for residents that live in a single-family home or a building of 4 units or less. Residents that do not qualify for city services are required to have a private hauling service but are entitled to a Refuse Rebate of up to $75.00 per unit.
To receive a refund the applicant is required to show that a recycling program has been implemented by the condominium association.

We are pleased to offer this service and hope that participation will further encourage all our constituents to be involved in the effort to sustain environmental responsibility throughout Chicago. Learn more about the City of Chicago Condominium Refuse Rebate ProgramB here.