Signs & Permits

Moving Day Signs 
The City of Chicago provides No Parking signs for residents moving in or out of the ward. To request signs, you must call 312-744-4655, or go to City Hall Room 905. You will need your moving company’s federal tax id number, proof of move, and a photo ID. The cost for this permit is $25.

Residential Parking
Installation of residential parking zones are decided by petition in the 1st Ward. We require that, at least, 65% of residents of the block agree to installation and sign the petition.
Download further instructions and the petition here.

Loading & Standing Zone Signs 
Loading and Standing Zones Signs are available to assist businesses in making deliveries and fast service calls throughout Chicago’s commercial districts. A Loading Zone Sign is typically used for businesses receiving deliveries or for valet services. A Standing Zone Sign is 15 or 30 minute restricted parking for customer use. Return the below application with at least two photos of the proposed zone in front of your business to the 1st Ward Service Office.
Download a Loading/Standing Zone application here.

Garage Sale Permits
If you are planning a garage or yard sale, you must have a permit. The permits are free but need to be displayed during the sale. Either stop by our office or complete the Garage Sale Permit Application. Make sure you sign the application and include proof of residency (photocopies are acceptable). Then either mail or fax the application with photocopies of your proof of residency to the Office of the 1st Ward.
Download a Garage Sale Permit application here.

Block Parties 
If you are interested in having a Block Party, either download the application or pick one up at our office. Make sure to bring proof of residency when you apply. You must then submit the completed application to our office before it can be approved. Typically, it takes a week to complete the application process.
Download a Block Party permit application here.

Guidelines for a block party:
-You are responsible for cleaning up after your party.
-Inform your neighbors that you will be having a block party in advance, so they may plan accordingly, especially in regards to parking.
-Remember to keep your noise to a minimum and comply with the City Noise Ordinance.
-The city does not provide barricades for block parties.

Jumping Jacks
A limited number of Jumping Jacks or inflatable moonwalks are available to residents. Jumping Jacks are distributed on a first come, first serve basis and are available for use between May 26 and September 4. You can get this application at the 1st Ward service office.

Special Events 
If you are planning a special event, please give us a call as requirements can vary with the size and scope of the event.
Download a Special Event application here.

Public Way Permits 
The City’s streets, alleys, sidewalks and parkways are considered to be public rights of way. In order to occupy space on, under or over the public way, you must obtain a public way permit. Applications for use of the public way must be approved by the City Council.
There are more than 150 different types of public way usage. Below are a few of the most requested permits.

Sidewalk Cafes
If your business would like to serve food outside their restaurant or on city sidewalks, you must apply for a Sidewalk Cafe Permit.
Please download the 2011 Sidewalk Application form, which must be submitted to the 1st Ward office for approval with certificate of insurance, two copies of pictures of the proposed sidewalk cafe location and layout plan.
Download the 2011 Sidewalk Cafe application here.
Sidewalk Cafe rules and regulations can be found here.

Canopies & Awnings
This permit is for use of the public way by companies and individuals wishing to extend canopies or awnings out from the property line over the public right of way.
Applications must include a sketch of the canopy/awning showing the dimensions, size and type materials used. The application must be approved by our office for any canopy/awning extend over the public way in the 1st Ward.
Download the Public Way Permit application here.