Zoning is a term used to classify land use and to define requirements for a new development whether it is a brand new construction, conversion of an existing building or an addition to an existing building.

There are several different zoning classifications or districts. The most common are listed below.

Classifications are designated by letters.

Residential (R)
Commercial (C)
Business (B)
Manufacturing (M)

A zoning classification will typically outline the acceptable type of activity on a property. It will also include certain building requirements in terms of occupant density, building height, amount of landscape required for the property, and parking requirements.

The City of Chicago has an interactive zoning map that allows you to check on the zoning of a particular property or area. Visit this website to determine the zoning classification on any building located within the city limits.

Any owner or developer of a property that requires a zoning change in the 1st Ward will first meet with Alderman Moreno to discuss the proposed zoning change.

Once the project has been discussed, the owner or developer is required to submit the proposal to the local community organizations or block groups to provide community input on the development project.

The owner or developer in conjunction with the alderman’s office will have a public community meeting and send notifications via mail to the neighbors affected by the development.

All residential projects that require a zoning change in the 1st Ward must achieve certification through the Chicago Green Homes Program.

If you have a question regarding a zoning matter, please contact Alderman Moreno’s Chief of Staff, Raymond Valadez at the 1st Ward Service Office (773) 278-0101 or at raymond.valadez@cityofchicago.org.